Chrysalis Connect Group

This group is designed to include Sensory Integration and Mindfulness-based activities to help children learn positive strategies to self-soothe at times of distress when they are at risk of emotional dysregulation.

The Chrysalis Connect group looks at the use of sensory activities and foods to help children learn how to self-regulate their emotional states and behaviour. It also uses cartoon characters called ‘The Scared Gang’ that represent the different survival patterns of behaviour which children may be currently using to try and manage their strong feelings. The different characters tell the children how they react to situations and what each of them does to connect their emotions and body together.

The goal of the programme is to enable children to become more emotionally aware of themselves and others; it gives them simple tools to enable them to self-regulate and achieve a connected state, whether it is to engage in academic learning, interact successfully with their peers, or to get a good night’s sleep.  Mindfulness activities are incorporated in order to help children learn to focus and sustain attention, and to relax their bodies and minds.  The activities in the group are designed to be appealing to children and teenagers of all ages.

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