Costings for Assessments

We offer a specialist Trauma and Attachment Assessment, which we recommend as a starting point for families who have not accessed our service before in order to provide a thorough assessment of a child’s strengths and needs and to recommend a plan for the type of therapy required and the areas that therapeutic work will need to focus on.

Comprehensive Trauma and Attachment Assessment + Assessment Feedback meeting for parents and professionals = £2,500

Costings for Therapy

A key part of our Therapeutic Approach is that we generally offer therapy packages consisting of weekly two-hour sessions with a family. In the first hour the child is offered a place in our psychologist-run Chrysalis Connect Group which includes Sensory Integration Therapeutic approaches plus Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy to provide the child with tools and strategies for improving their emotion-regulation abilities. During this time parents receive an hour of Therapeutic Parenting work with the therapist, providing support and guidance with everyday issues and teaching around the skills of therapeutic parenting and preparation for the therapy session to follow. Then in the second hour, the therapist works with the child and parents together using dyadic models (principally Theraplay, DDP and/or EMDR) to build attachment and resolve past trauma.

10 week (30 hour) package of Dyadic Therapy + Chrysalis Connect Children’s group + Therapeutic reparenting, with a Post-Therapy summary report and post-therapy review meeting for parents and professionals = £5,000

Many of our adoptive families receive funding for their work with us through the Adoption Support Fund.

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