Useful Resources

Building the tool box. Helping children when they hit, bite and push

Building the tool box. Lying and stealing

Building the tool box. Sensory regulation activities

Week 1

Week 1.1 Making therapeutic change

Week 1.2 My child's brain in the womb

Week 1.3 My Child's brain

Week 1.4 Why can't my child change on their own

Week 2

Week 2.1 Why do we do Theraplay

Week 2.2 Challenge in Theraplay

Week 2.3 Structure in Theraplay

Week 2.4 Engagement in Theraplay

Week 2.5 Nurture in Theraplay

Week 2.6 Resistance in Theraplay

Week 3

Week 3.1 How mindfulness helps mental wellbeing

Week 3.2 How to help my child be more mindful

Week 3.3 So, what about you

Week 4

Week 4.1 Steps on the road to change Becoming a detective

Week 4.2 Steps on the road to change Investigating thoughts, feelings and behaviour

Week 5

Week 5.1 Steps on the road to change, Using Acceptance and Empathy

Week 6

Week 6 Building the tool box, Crystal ball and predicting your child’s trigger moment

Week 7

Week 7 Building the tool box Pace fully

Week 8

Week 8.1 Building the tool box. Consequences, making the punishment fit the crime

Week 8.2 Building the tool box. Keeping close

Week 8.3 Building the tool box. Picking the battles that you have the energy level for

Week 9

Week 9.1 Building the tool box. 60 second shout

Week 9.2 Building the tool box. Yes but no but; Levey and Orland’s

Week 10

Week 10 Planning for the future